Digital Radiography Units of Graphix Series

Х-ray diagnostic R-systems GRAPHIX and GRAPHIX-D are designed to make all types of X-ray examination applicable in general diagnostic and traumatology in conditions of the stationary X-ray room of a health care facilities. Examination is executed in a standing, sitting or laying position of a patient. X-ray tube and flat panel detector easy motion facilitates examination at any angle to the patient’s body.

An alternative to the X-ray systems

GRAPHIX and GRAPHIX-D systems substitute X-ray table and wall bucky stand. This unit is an alternative to the X-ray diagnostic system for two workplaces.

Х-ray diagnostic R-systems GRAPHIX and GRAPHIX-D are the X-ray stands consisting of the vertical column with the vertically sliding rotating arm with variable focus distance. Horizontal arm rotating is performed in a wide range. Rotating arm is the counterbalanced console with the tilting X-ray tube and collimator at one end and tilting FPD at the other one. Motorized vertical arm motion, focus distance variation, arm rotating and FPD tilting are controlled with console located on the X-ray tube housing. Rotating arm motion and collimator control can also be performed by remote control and control panel located on the flat panel detector housing.


Fixed X-ray diagnostic R-system GRAPHIX is a traditional film unit. The image receiver is the Bucky, with the cassette-holder. It allows using cassettes of all standard formats from 13 × 18 to 35 × 43 cm.

The system is equipped with the HF generator with the power 50 kW, X-ray tube, mobile table, the set of cassettes, X-ray protective kit and dosemeter.

Automatic film processor for cut X-ray films can be supplied as an option. To obtain the digital images the unit can be completed with the CR-system OPTISCAN-AMICO based on imaging plates.


Х-ray diagnostic R-systems GRAPHIX-D is the unit which allows performing all types of X-ray examination in a digital format. FPD (Flat Panel Detector) is used in format not less 42 × 42 cm. X-ray image visualizing, its mathematical processing, saving and hardcopy printing via appropriate printing device is provided by hardware/software solution consisting of workstation for laboratory assistant and radiologist’s workstation with digital medical X-ray image printer. The system is equipped with the HF generator with the power 65 kW, X-ray tube, mobile table, X-ray protective kit and dosemeter.