• ProScan makes examination of the chest with the maximum level of safety and quality. X-ray protected cabin allows the doctor to be placed near the device at the moment of getting picture. Radiation influence on the patient (as compared with similar devices) has been reduced more than once. Digital linear detector provides the high quality images.

  • ProGraph allows X-ray examination of patients in standing, laying on back or sitting positions. Availability, portability and multifunctional application make it attractive both for the state institutions and private clinics.

  • Х-ray diagnostic R-systems GRAPHIX and GRAPHIX-D are designed to make all types of X-ray examination applicable in general diagnostic and traumatology in conditions of the stationary X-ray room of a health care facilities. Examination is executed in a standing, sitting or laying position of a patient. X-ray tube and image detector easy motion facilitates examination at any angle to the patient’s body.


  • Remotely controlled X-ray device MRX provide digital fluoroscopy along with traditional digital radiography. The device ensures the high quality, reliability and operational comfort. Broad opportunities to alter specification allow the clients to get the device which precisely meets their requirements while optimizing its cost.


  • Digital unit Mammo-RP gives the opportunity to receive high quality pictures with maximal possible resolution. Flat panel detector ensures the high definition and absence of noise and distortions. It results in more correct diagnosis.

  • Conventional unit Mammo-RP incorporates lots of automated and automatic functions facilitating the doctor’s work and ensuring patient’s comfort. The device can be controlled from the panel on its body or from the remote command console located behind the X-ray protected screen.

Mobile equipment for mass examination and field medicine

  • This mobile cabinet includes ProScan system. It is considered to be the solution for mass examination of people in order to detect lungs diseases. Such cabinet may be used at enterprises with high risk to respiratory tracts injuries. It can be manufactured on truck chassis or also as the trailer.

  • The mobile cabinet of this type compounds ProGraph device. It is assumed to be the only solution for several remote medical treatment facilities as well as the X-ray room of the field hospital. It can be manufactured on truck chassis and as the trailer.