Mobile Chest Screening Cabinet Based on Trailer

ProScan unit included  


This solution can be in following cases:

  • The buyer has vehicle that can transport such a trailer and the buyer would like to save on chassis cost;
  • The trailer is supposed to be placed motionless for long period of time and it will be cheaper to rent the vehicle for trailer transportation;
  • The buyer has chassis that he would like to install X-ray room on. In this case it is cheaper and easier to buy certified and tax-free Digital mobile X-ray room (based on special trailer) and after its delivery to the buyer’s country to install the van on available chassis.


The van was designed in such a way that it can be displaced onto most known models of vehicles but the price of trailer chassis itself is insignificant.

Entering through the entrance door patient get into the registry with assistant work place, computer and conditioner. The registry is separated from exam room by X-ray protective partition with glass and moveable door.

The space of trailer is divided into two rooms by a transparent polycarbonate parting-wall. In the front part of the van – the room for medical procedures – a digital unit ProScan is installed. Patients enter the room through one door and leave it through another one, which makes it possible to increase radically the mobile room cabinet capacity. Three people may stay in the room for medical procedures simultaneously. At the reception time a bactericidal irradiator is working.

The second room is a cabinet for medical staff. It contains an assistant workstation and the necessary set of furniture (a table, a chair, a wardrobe, a small table, a sofa).
The mobile cabinet is equipped with an energy storage battery to maintain steady voltage for the device, when it runs on unstable power supply units.
At the customer's request, the mobile room can be equipped with a mini-power station to enable patient examination far away from power lines.