Conventional Mammography System MAMMO-RP



It is an optimal mammography system suitable both for screening and diagnostic investigations.

Our unit is noted by:

  • Modern design ensuring an easy operation
  • Motorized control of all movements
  • Comfortable control board including computerized one

High quality of image is provided by:

  • Powerful duel focus X-ray tube
  • Powerful High Frequency generator
  • Bucky with synchronized grid

Different accessories can be easily and quickly attached to the mammography unit. The system recognizes the devices automatically and adjusts all operation factors to corresponding device.

Mammography unit is supplied with remote control board located on X-ray protective screen. This board represents a computer with relatively big (10”) sensor screen that allows operator to receive and enter simultaneously easy all necessary information.

Computerized remote controlled features: 

  • Uninterrupted representation of unit status: accessories availability, chosen operating modes, unit preparedness to the operation/exposition.
  • Choice of different operating modes by operator: operating mode of automatic control system, operating mode of compression device, operating mode during serial survey taken, operating mode of unit mechanical transformation
  • Uninterrupted control of unit operation: diagnostics of capacity for work of different assemblies, prohibition of exposition carrying out in different situations, consistency of chosen operating mode to each other testing.
  • Service functions: calibration and adjusting of the system of automatic exposition control, X-ray tube calibration, different sensors calibration, presentation of different parameters of unit operation and etc.

During working process in medical institution the operator (laboratory assistant) uses mainly control board for visual control of mammography unit status and for its operating modes change. As the most of time the unit will operate in one of the standard operating mode (automatic choice of exposition operation factors and automatic decompression of mammary gland after exposition) the operator will rarely use the CB.

Unit status indication: 

  • Large screen allows represent all necessary indicators showing the current unit status.
  • Instinctively comprehensible interface in combination with question-answering system allows operator to learn quickly unit operation. For example in case of difficulties with any indicator understanding the operator can use question-answering system with detailed explanation of this indicator destination and its current state by pressure unintelligible indicator.
  • All malfunctions and unit status “Is not ready” are represented with blinking red color that attracts operator's attention easily.

Unit operating modes:

  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual option of exposition factors according to mammary gland type.
  • 8 fields of system of automatic exposition control.
  • Permits to keep unrestricted number of programs for different combinations "screen/film". Each combination “screen/film” has its own name (for example “Agfa MR HD/HDR-C”). These names lighten the choice of necessary program for operator during screen or film type change. Also operator can enter any quantity of programs in addition to provided ones.
  • There is an opportunity of fine adjustment of film darkening density in the range +/- 40% from given by the program system of automatic exposition control and the combination “screen/film”.
  • The mode of automatic and manual decompression and liberation of mammary gland after exposition.
  • There is an availability of C-arm exocentric movement mode. Due to this mode the height of cassette holder of pressure table relatively the patient stays invariable during different C-arm turnings.
  • There is a system of support automatic positioning to the given angular positions for accomplishment of standard projections.
  • There is a mode of serial survey of the given projection sequence. It permits to move automatically the C-arm to the necessary position for accomplishment of the next projection in the series. The control board represents current projection name and series name. It also permits to keep unlimited number of series. The given function is useful especially during accomplishment of standard mammography investigations. The operator can enter any quantity of series in addition to provided ones.

The control of unit operation:

  • Control and diagnostics of emergency conditions are realized at the unit with detailed explanation of any mistake or/and faultiness.
  • There is an automatic adjustment of operation modes during accessories change:
  • Prohibition on exposition parameters modification while change of system of automatic exposition control to the automatic operation mode.
  • Automatic switching of X-ray tube to the operation with small focus while table installation for survey with enlargement.
  • Prohibition on exposition in the absence there of cassette, cassette holder.
  • Control of irradiation: prohibition on second irradiation of exposed cassette with film.
  • Automatic change of operation program of exposition control system while installation of cassette holder with grid guard and without it. Thus, additional adjustment of system of automatic exposition control is not required while changing the cassette holder with grid to the cassette holder without grid.

Other characteristics:

  • Calculation of individual effective dose of patient irradiation according to methodical guidelines.
  • There is a meter of total number of films made with the unit. Possibility of its memory erasing. Retention of memory erasing date and time.
  • Possibility of language change of user interface. At present time there are two languages: Russian and English.
  • Possibility of change for graphic design of interface. In the given modification there are 4 kinds of it and laboratory assistant can choose any one.
  • Representation of current date and time.

Supply list:

  • Cassette holder with movable Potter-Bucky 180x240 mm.
  • Cassette holder with movable Potter-Bucky 240x300 mm (by individual request).
  • Protective screen for face.
  • Set of compressive plates.
  • Set for survey with enlargement.
  • Set for aiming survey.
  • Set for film marking.
  • X-ray protective screen (lead equivalent is 0,5 mm) with control board.