For NP JSC AMICO, the main aim is to thoroughly meet the requirements of our users: Patients having to be confident that the diagnostic is precise and harmless, as well as Professionals and Technicians being concerned in the comfortable operation and maintenance.

Developing and manufacturing our equipment lines, we follow the concepts:

  • The technical level of equipment must provide the maximally precise diagnostic results and concurrently ensure a safety of both patients and medical personnel;
  • The equipment must be convenient in operation;
  • Technical services capabilities must be adequate to satisfy all needs of a consumer. 

Therefore, we emphasize several lines of activities:

  • Developing the design lines of equipment, research for innovative design solutions;
  • Improving of manufacturing base structure;
  • Improving technical characteristics of equipment;

 Enhancing the system of quality control, starting from 2002, company's manufacturing facilities processes have been ISO 13485:2003 certified.