Mobile Digital Mammography Truck

Mammography Machine MAMMO-RP included

3D tour mobile digital chest X-ray room Mobile Digital Mammography Truck

Mobile truck-based digital mammography cabinet designed to solve the problem of breast examinations in hard-to-reach and remote areas. It is equipped with modern digital mammography system MAMMO-RP (or conventional mammography system MAMMO-RP)

Mammo-RP is up-to-date digital mammography unit. While doing this project we implemented our main efforts into radiation dose decreasing at the highest quality of obtained images, for better diagnosing. As a result of this job the unit shows spatial resolution 10 Lp/mm at radiation dose lowing for more than 50% in comparison with film mammographs.

Remote control panel is available at the assistant’s workstation. WS of assistant is a fully-featured computer with nowadays DICOM-complied software program. A specialist can enter patient’s data, set images parameters, take an image, control image quality, do images processing, stocking and transferring.

Along with mammography system, the cabinet has following features:

Workstation of radiologist (WS)

Radiologist’s WS is aimed for images viewing and processing with further printing at medical mammography printer. Software product “Mammologist” supports preparation of doctor’s reports.

— Software module “Mammologist” includes:

  • search of enquired/undescribed investigations in data base;
  • viewing of chosen images;
  • images processing;
  • adding of image description and conclusions;
  • preparation of radiological reports on investigation;
  • images printing at DICOM-printers.


— Radiologist’s WS includes:

  • system block;
  • key board, mouse ;
  • graphic monitor;
  • 2 medical monochrome monitors, resolution 5MP;
  • medical mammography thermo printer;
  • UPS;
  • Computer table;
  • Arm-chair.


Assistant’s workstation (WS)

Assistant’s WS is developed as a control unit of the mammography system.

Software module installed at this SW includes two software modules: “Receptionist” and “Technician”.

Module “Receptionist” is applied for the first registration of patients, searching for a patient and his examinations in data base. The main function of software module “Technician” is to show a patient’s investigation details, and to provide easy interface for controlling the unit during examination process, and stocking images at server.

— Assistant’s WS includes:

  • system block;
  • key board, mouse ;
  • graphic monitor;
  • laser printer;
  • UPS;
  • Computer table;
  • Arm-chair.


Medical thermo printer

Medical thermo printer is intended to get high quality images. The device does not require much space. Resolution characteristic 508 pixel per inch let it widely apply the unit including mammography. Printed dot size is 50 microns; it is maximum resolution of any digital mammograph.

Hot air screen

Screen located over the door frame produces air flow which prevents penetrating of cold air, car exhaust gases, dust and insects.

Hot air screen allows significantly reduce heat losses and gain in space warming.

Sterilizing lamp

Wall mounted sterilizer-recirculator is aimed for air purification against germs, viruses, and other groups of animalcules. Sterilizing lamp is allowed to stay in operation mode while people have a presence inside the vehicle cabin.

X-ray protection screen

This mobile screen is used to protect personnel from x-ray beaming. In terms of design the device includes plastic, lead plate, protective glass. The window helps to see a patient during investigation. Lead equivalent of the screen is 1 mm Pb.

Heat-exchange control

In mobile mammography rooms the hydronic heating system is used. It has three heat-exchangers for motor heating and room warming in cold weather.

Heat-exchangers are installed in different sections of the room and are controlled by thermoregulator. Thus, the room space is warmed up to comfort temperature within a few minutes.

Vent fan

Equipment provides correct ventilation of space to prevent wall fungus appearance and to allow fresh air inflow. It additionally equipped with flaps to stop outward airing.

It is switched on/off with help of pull switcher or by the control block fixed on the wall.

Power box

Power box is aimed for safety and stocking of mammograph generator accessories.

Battery charger

Battery charger prevents truck accumulator from overcharging and saves accumulator from failures, short circuit, high temperature, reverse polarity and low input voltage.


Lightning is done by fluorescent lamps located on the ceiling in each room block. Entrance block and other blocks additionally equipped with stand-by light.

Besides, every block has its window (consumer type, automobile glass) with locking tool for open position (comb type). Windows are protected by shades and anti-insects screen.

Chest of drawers

To keep medical accessories and private things the personnel can use chest of drawers with locking shelves.

Heat control in personnel’s section

In mobile mammography rooms the hydronic heating system is used. It has three heat-exchangers for motor heating and room warming in cold weather.

Heat-exchangers are installed in different sections of the room and are controlled by thermoregulator.

Toilet room

Toilet room is equipped with vanity sink and hot-water boiler, which automatically keeps water temperature high, as well as with soap dispenser and socket 220 V.

A customer can order bio-toilet or independent water supplying system.


— Depending on a customer enquiry it is possible to install the following conditioner systems:

  • Split system
    Split system air conditioning unit is aimed to keep the room air temperature at a comfort level, both in hot and cold weather. It consists of inner block installed inside the room, and another one which is mounted on the outer wall of the vehicle.
    Low noise operation mode will help you to avoid discomfort during your work. System is equipped with a remote control unit which allows to choose operation mode and needed temperature from your work place.
    Floor- and ceiling-mounted system versions are available.
  • Refrigerator
    Refrigerator is critically important for stocking of healthcare products and personnel’s assisted products.
  • Wardrobe
    Capacious wardrobe is used to keep outdoor garments and private things of personnel.
    Before driving start the wardrobe doors are fixed by screws.


— On a customer’s requirement the vehicle can be supplied with the following functions:

  • Lowered entrance
    Comfortable lowered entrance eases access to the room for handicapped and older people.
    Ladder treads are warmed, surface is made of anti-slip material.
    Ladder space is lightened (LED type). Inside the space there are rails for comfortable stepping up and down.
  • Patient’s lift
    Automated passenger lift serves to help handicapped people who move in a wheelchair, as well as without it.
    This structure consists of 2 lifting arms and allows reaching maximum stability of the platform. This increases safety of a passenger in the wheelchair and lift operator.
    Controlling is fulfilled by an easy manageable 3-buttoned remote control board which conducts all functions.

Cassette marquise makes comfort conditions for the patients who are waiting for audience outside. It protects them from rain and sun.
Marquise is conducted by a remote control unit. Textile can easily go out thanks to automatic drive. Complete rolling up and out lasts not more than 1 minute.
One of the main advantages is the protective leak proof cassette which prevents moisture and dust to get textile, roller and other parts. This increases marquise operating life, allows it to bear mostly extreme loads, and provides excellent weather proof.
Facing profile which is covered with aluminum cassette starts to move with help of flexible “elbows”. When marquise is rolled up the protective cassette shuts. Marquise can be opened in full size or partially, depending on circumstances.
Marquise is installed on the requirements of a customer; it can be of various sizes and mounted at different sides of the vehicle.